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Apply with one click to every job we offer at our work agency

Wonder why you need a work agency? You need AutoJob because we collects jobs that match your profile and we find the best way to apply. If
you don’t want to apply automatically you can still evaluate every opportunity and
apply with a single click.

Rate your job matches

By rating the job matches you help our matching algorithm find you even better matches

Organize your job search

All the interesting positions from multiple job boards can be saved in our dashboard so that you can evaluate them later

Send emails with one click

Autojob identifies the emails of the companies and with one click you can apply. If you want to spend some more time checking the job now you can do it with the 2 step process.

Increase your job search

With Autojob you don't have to worry of not finding a job because we do it all for you.

You can manually apply with a single click

In a single platform you can find all the important details

You can rate the job matches

We are professionals

Screen Every Job And Apply With A Single Click

To let us find you a work you must upload your CV (we can help you make a great CV) and select your job search preferences. After that,  you can let us do daily mass apply on your behalf or you can one click apply method. 
The whole process of finding a right job can be both complicated and time-consuming.  It can include a lot of copy-pasting and usage of various tools. Here at AutoJob we  have a uniquely made system that allows anyone to get a job quicker with a less effort. 


Stand out between candidates

With AutoJob, you can keep track of all the important KPIs in your organization across departments, employees, projects, and campaigns

Send daily emails

Autojob collects jobs and finds the email of the company automatically. Then using your own email template for a specific job search, Our work agency sends your email and your CV attached.

Write unique emails

Using Autojob you can fully optimize your writing, testing various email templates and A/B testing them.

an illustration of a blue trophy with a star on the black pedestal and white background

Using our pre-made and tested templates you start getting responses from companies

You can send fully personalised emails using our email variables like {{ this }}

In our dashboard your can track email open ratio, and optimize your emails

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Work Agency That Shape the Perfect Solution for Your Job Seeking

Autojob helps you get 3x more interviews using automation  All you need to do is to upload your CV, select your job search preferences and our work agency will mass apply on your behalf every single day. If you don’t want to us to auto-apply, you can apply manualy with one click. It’s really that simple!


Years Experiences

During these years we honed our skill of job search so we can provide you with the best possible work agency service out there.  

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Job search performance statistics
Autojob identifies the critical issues of your CV that give low rating in the ATS systems that companies use and it gives you feedback on how to fix those issues. Doing so, everyday you become more competitive.
Premade email templates
Using our pre-made and tested templates you start getting more and more responses from companies you are interested to work for
Track email open ratio
Our work agency provides you with the dashboard which allows you to track email open ratio, and optimize your emails
We help you to stand out

With our work agency, you can keep track of all the important KPIs in your organization across departments, employees, projects, and campaigns

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